Spiritual Hydration


In the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, the main character shares a story about when she was a little girl. She was once in a field chasing ladybugs…all day long she was chasing them, and yet she never caught one. Then finally, exhausted, she laid down and took a nap. When she woke up, she found that she was covered in ladybugs. When she asked her parents why, they said that in her sleep full state, she never forgot her childlike innocence, so that all that she desired came to her. 


We too, in this new age of the growing age of Aquarius, are being asked to return to our childlike innocence in the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves. We are being asked to nurture our being, mind, and soul. When we are in tune with our inner innocence, we are able to invest in what it is that brings us joy…and allowing ourselves time to truly enjoy and love what we do is the highest form of self love. 


What is Spiritual Hydration:


Spiritual Hydration is the watering of the spirit. Do you ever feel parched, and not in a physical way, but in a spiritual way? When you feel burnt out from working at a job that brings you now joy, from taxing relationships that drain you, or from being around a city that drains your sense of wonder and delight? This is called spiritual hydration. Spiritual Hydration is doing things that water and hydrate your soul – like walking barefoot in the grass, oohing and awing at a sunset, playing with animals, painting, drawing, singing for the joy of it, not to get anything in return. Water your soul with connecting with others in a kind and natural way because it is your natural state and not to gain anything in exchange. 


Like water, spiritual hydration has no sharp edges. It is fluid. It is every flowing, yet it makes the most incredible changes. To be spiritually hydrated, we must not be rigid. We must flow. Flow with joy and peace and childlike innocence. 

Cultivating a gentle self esteem


Everything is tied to our self esteem. How we show up in the world, and perceive our existence is all based on our sense of self worth. There are so many different factors that can effect our sense of self worth, but the beautiful part is realizing your self worth and healing that relationship can all be done internally. By developing a loving relationship with self, cultivating a sense of personal accountability, and stepping outside of what you “already know” opens you to a whole new way of perceiving yourself and the world around you. This gives you the ability to see with fresh eyes the truth in situations more clearly without painting over it with your perception. When we are in our self worth and have faith in divine timing we attract everything we hope for and need. When we are in our self worth and grounded in our heart space everyday actions become actions of love towards ourself and others, creating expansion for all. Our self worth lets us live from love instead of fear, from abundance instead of lack, from connection instead of isolation.

This month we are looking at self accountability, when we can rely on ourselves and keep promises and commit to our growth and needs we form a healthy vital relationship that helps us to experience the universe through eyes of trust and compassion. You can work on forming a sense of self accountability by making one attainable promise to yourself each day, and fulfilling the promise. You can start to look at patterns that may arise in ways in which you avoid keeping promises to yourself, and just be curious about this. See if maybe you can integrate this awareness the next time you become aware you are avoiding showing up for yourself. Be gentle, and if shame or guilt arises have compassion for that part of you that is still holding onto fear, and choose to try and show up the next time. If we can try to stay present with what comes up, and do whats best for us in that moment our efforts are good enough.

There is something powerful that happens when we talk to ourselves in the mirror. We can get all the words of affirmations from others we want, but if internally we do not feel that sense of love and acceptance those words will mean nothing. There are so many different emotions that can arise when you go to talk to yourself in the mirror, like shame, embarrassment, fear, excitement, confusion, frustration….. the list goes on. But one thing is for sure, once you show up for yourself the ego and fear slip away and you are left with this raw personal connection where you get to really look into your own eyes and connect with you. Connect to that deep part of you that mysterious part of you. Here is where you provide a bridge for the unconscious to become conscious and speak whatever is on your heart that needs to be said. Maybe its something loving, maybe its something true that you are afraid to hear, whatever it is will free you. This is a deeply healing, and personal practice in forming a gentle self esteem and love for yourself that is unshakable.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a act of self love. Acts of self love are listening to the needs of your heart and soul to grow and expand into the truest, most expressive version of you. Make amends with yourself, listen to your needs, put yourself first, and see your self worth blossom, helping you receive all your souls blessings.

Grounding Down to Self

Earth below us. Sky above us. Fire within us.


  We are beings made from the same cosmic matter that makes up the stars at night, the rainbows cascading from waterfalls, and the blushing hue of a blooming flower. In essence, we are energy beings, and we operate from the giving and exchanging of energy. You might find yourself feeling fatigued, disoriented, anxious, and angry when you spend too much time in a city…surrounded by concrete, brick walls, and florescent light. This is because the energy that emits from these manmade materials clash with our natural ever-flowing and ever-creating energy. Grounding down to your heart space is deeply connected to life giving energy. The color of the heart chakra is green, with earth, nature, trees and grass all radiating with the magical emerald hues of the green heart chakra. 


From a place of science:

As energy beings, we are made of different cells that thrive under different element. Free radicals have an electron imbalance that makes them electrically charged—in their quest to find a free electron and neutralize, they can attach to or steal an electron from a healthy cell, damaging it in the process. This is how chronic inflammation (which causes chronic pain and promotes many health disorders) is set in motion. This entire response is compounded by the fact that free radical-generating substances are present all around us: in fried food, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides, air pollutants, and even the sun’s rays.

The earth has an infinite supply of free electrons, so when a person is grounded, those electrons naturally flow between the earth and the body, reducing free radicals and eliminating any static electrical charge. The reason grounding is so powerful is it reduces and prevents inflammation from occurring in the body, which in turn prevents inflammation-related health disorders.



Go for a walk in nature. Take off your shoes and allow the dirt, grass, or sand to soak up the negative ions within your body and replace it with sustainable and life giving positive energy. 




Candle Gazing, also known as Trataka, is the art of gently gazing at fire. When the eyes are relaxed, you are able to allow the rest of your senses to fall away and allow for your intuitive and unconscious mind to take shape. From here you are able to open yourself to the rhythm of the universe, and have the power and purpose of your being to come forth. 



True trust is trusting something you do not see or feel or know yet in this moment. Embracing wind energy allows you to practice embracing and trusting something you cannot see but you can feel.



Go outside and sit in a quiet place. 

Sit down and close your eyes. 

Allow your whole body to surrender. 

Concentrate on feeling the wind on your body. Notice where it touches your skin, your face, the way it flows through your hair. 

Allow yourself to trust what you feel, and surrender to the beautiful feeling of the wind, knowing that it will take you to where you need to go. 


May you ground down in peace today.



Become Embodied through The Body Scan


One of the best ways to get to know ourselves  is by becoming in-tune with our inner world & making room for our bodies wisdom. We can gain so much knowledge by simply becoming still and feeling into the internal forecast,  sensations, and subtle energy of the body.  Many emotions may arise or maybe none at all but the important part of the practice is that you stay curious and connected to your experience without judgement. Creating time to tune into the body is a powerful practice in learning how our emotional experience is tied into our energetic and physical experience. Every emotion we experience leaves a physical and energetic imprint within us. With the body scan meditation we open ourselves to receive the information that is stored in the body so that we can then process and integrate it. This process is rejuvenating and helps to maintain a healthy, dis-ease free body and mind. 

The Meditation:

To start the practice we would suggest finding a place that feels safe and comfortable. You can do this practice laying down, sitting, or standing. But to really drop into the practice we suggest creating 30 min of uninterrupted time to lie down and do this practice. Once you become more comfortable with this practice you will be able to more quickly check in. But for this drop in give yourself 30 min and have a pen and paper handy to integrate afterwards what came up for you during the session. 

You can lie down on a yoga/work out mat or a rug. And use props if you have them for your comfort. If you don’t using a blanket for under the head and a blanket for under the legs works too! 

Once you settle in tune into your bodies comfort level, and feel into your body making any adjustments macro or micro that feel necessary. Once you are totally comfortable take 3 deep breaths in the nose and out the mouth extenuating the exhale to help your mind and body relax. 

Close your eyes during this practice to help you drop in if that feels comfortable to you.

Next notice the weight of your body and where it is connected to the floor, notice how the earth below you supports you by holding you up.

Tune into your internal world. Become curious. How does your energy feel? Your heart? Mind? and Soul? What is the quality of your thoughts?  

Feel into the sensations of the body from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.

Notice your breath, the cool inhalation’s and warm velvety exhalations. Notice the quality of your breath, and where the breath is in your body.

Shift your attention back to your body and notice what parts of your body grab your attention. How do these sensations feel? Notice what emotions if any come up when you sit with these feeling and breath. Do not become attached to what comes up simply notice and breath this energy through your system until your stable and grounded. This will help to integrate these energies, emotions and stories into your body in a healthy way. 

*Repeat this sequence as many times as it feels necessary but be gentle with yourself, take breaks if you need to and make sure to breath.

After your finished with The Body Scan Meditation take your journal and write about your experience was with this meditation. What you noticed, what came up, any lessons learned. This will help integrate the meditation so you can apply these lessons directly to your life.

Conscious Communication with Others

“speaking your truth with loving intention is your power”

“speaking your truth with loving intention is your power”

When communicating we have a chance to create our existence and constantly grow with others through the power of our words, intentions, and heart centered approach. Consciously Communicating  is a practice that begins with self and then touches every person you meet. The relationship we have with ourselves and how we communicate internally is typically reflected and mirrored in our relationships with others. 

By providing space with meditation and stillness we are able to become aware of our inner dialogue, unconscious patterns, thoughts, emotions, triggers, and reactions. When we can become aware of our intentions, and our communication with self, we can begin to consciously communicate with others through a leans of self awareness, compassion, and understanding. We can begin to communicate, instead of react, and authentically speak our truth resulting in a resonance between our inner and outer worlds. 

There is so much power in our words. 

And even more power in the energy and truth behind those words. When we speak from a place of truth, vulnerability, experience, and honesty it is felt. The power lies behind your words. In the intention, the source, and reason behind what you communicate to others. We are all magnetized to people’s truth. Authenticity creates connection and true connection creates awareness, and awareness is the structure upon which growth between two people is formed. 

It is one thing to have empowering, affirming communication, but if your actions, and souls intentions do not match your words there will be a dissonance that creates stagnancy between you and others. This is the opposite of consciously creating. Speaking your truth will free you. Speaking your truth is what crates your reality. Speaking your truth while not being afraid of judgment or perfectionism is true connection. And connection is what keeps our world spinning. 

Speak your truth when you’re afraid, and especially when you feel shut down. Your gift is no one is you. No one has your story, or life’s experience. When you’re speak from a place of honesty and share your truth you give others the opportunity and empowerment to speak their truth. When we share our deepest fears, and highest aspirations the energy and weight they carry sets us free. That energy is no longer stuck frenetically disrupting our internal and external reality but is free to manifest our souls intentions. 

This is how the world heals. 

Tattva = reality, truth

Mudra = seal

Communicating Truth Ritual:

Sit in meditation for 11 min for 11 days straight while doing the Tattva Mudra or “Truth Seal”. This will set the intention that you always speak truth to yourself and others to consciously create your life.

Mudra step by step-

Step 1

Turn palms face up.

Step 2

Bring each thumb to the base of the ring finger.


  • Reminds us that the true nature of the Self is transcendent, unchanging, pure, and whole

speaking your truth with loving intention is your power.

Communicating with SELF

How you speak to yourself is how you see the world unfold before you
Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.54.48 PM.png

We are born as an open channel to the divine. Our souls have been in communication with the universe for longer than our minds can often comprehend. Through each lifetime, we flow from different states of consciousness, building the foundation of our own internal dialogue, which flows from us in deep energetic ways. We are in a constant flow of communicating, through sounds, touch, words, thoughts, and most purely, energies. Once we feel, deep within our bones, that we are made of an eternal communication that surpasses the dialect of even the oldest languages, we begin to look at the way we communicate with ourselves in a deeper and more sacred way.



The way we communicate with ourselves is not limited to the internal words that spin in our heads. It is the energy, the pulse, the light in which we are create the auric space of our existence. 


During my sophomore year of college, I experienced the truly magical and seemingly other worldly physical manifestation of dynamic conscious self communication. I had spent the summer between freshman and sophomore year cultivating the relationship with myself like never before in my life. I journaled each day, getting to know my thoughts, my dreams, my fears, my joys, and my everyday nuances. I became mindful about what I put into my body, and embarked on cultivating a healthy diet and food mindset. I cultivated a yoga practice, spent copious times alone in nature, moving my body on beach runs, and experiencing pure joy at the state of my own existence. I reveled in the making, discovering, and honoring of my unique soul and vision. 


At my university, I was enrolled in a special program which was a holistic program geared towards those looking to become teachers. We did not have normal tests or grades, but rather wrote essays on famous physicists for science and took field trips to ancient native American villages for history class. One my first day back from summer vacation, I started my day with a yoga flow in my dorm room and a cup of green tea. I remember feeling so at peace within my own body, not the usual anxiety and dread of the first day of school. I felt in flow and trusted the journey of my first day and all it would bring because I trusted myself. 


I entered my first class of the day, and my teacher had written a game of hang man on the board. 2 words. 10 blank spaces. I sat down, wearing a white summer dress and looked at the board. I wasn’t seeing a board, but rather energy. My energy flowed with the energy of the magic of the board, and my fellow classmates and teacher. 


“Inner Peace” I said. Before anyone else had a moment to guess a letter.


“How did you know that?!” the teacher asked. 


“ I just did” I replied. There is no rational explanation why I would know what this phrase was. But the energetic reason is clear – I was open to the infinite in me, as the infinite in the world around me, and the two melded together without any blockages or rational second guessing. 


For the communication I shared with myself was of all knowing, all accepting, all infinite, and the world opening up like an ocean of pleasure and connection. 



Inner Work // Inner Peace


Take three deep breaths


Repeat 5 times, with hands on heart and belly


I love me

I am worthy of love

I feel fabulous


I trust in the infinite possibilities that are born of faith



Sending love from our hearts to yours

Conscious Clearing


Communication is the key to consciously creating your life. Through the use of communication and connecting to our hearts space we manifest our deepest desires. Our communication can either create flowing states of abundance or stagnant dead ends. Just like anything else our communication is energy. This energy is precious, potent and should be used mindfully. 

So what exactly do we mean by “Conscious Clearing”?  Because communication is energy, we must look at what we are carrying internally that needs “clearing”. What values, beliefs, boundaries, desires, or dreams are being repressed? When we repress energy it turns into stagnation, manifesting as “anxiety” “fears” “resentment” “physical ailments” and much more. When we can communicate from a mindful, heart-centered space, we can look at “confrontation” (which usually carries a negative connotation promoting fear and pre-judgment) through a new lens, of simply what needs clearing? This can be something you need to clear with yourself or with someone else. Both are just as powerful and important! 

Here we will provide steps to help you become comfortable and confident when it comes to “Conscious Clearing”

Preparing for Conscious Clearing: 

  1. What feels heavy and needs clearing? Make a list, read over it, more than once. This will help take any charge you have over the idea of what needs clearing out

  2. Meditate - provide space to be in a clear balanced place so you can enter into conscious clearing in the presence of love

  3. Assess your fears: What will you risk if you engage in conscious clearing? What will you risk by not engaging in conscious clearing? What is at the root of this fear? Are you protecting yourself or someone/something else? Are your reasons empowering?

  4. Assessing your goals: What do you positively aim to gain from this conscious clearing?

  5. What are you standing up for? Have a clear understanding of your intentions/ values so that you can objectively enter this conscious clearing

During Conscious Clearing:

  1. BREATH: don’t let your breath get the best of you. Focus on taking deep cleansing breaths to help maintain homeostasis during conscious clearing

  2. Be mindful of staying GROUNDED: you can do this by checking in with your breath and the feeling of the earth below you, holding you up and supporting you

  3. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY: remember other people’s reactions and emotions are not your responsibility. Or if this clearing is with yourself become aware of your projections and judgments on the issue. As long as you are coming from a place of love and intention, that’s the most important aspect to being clear with yourself and others

INTEGRATION / Post “Conscious Clearing”: 

  1. Sit in silence and just notice what there is to notice. How do you feel now? Check in with your body, sensations and quality of thought

  2. What did you learn?

  3. Is there anything you can take away from this and implement to better process conscious clearing next time around?

  4. What am I proud of?

At home ritual:

Take a moment close your eyes, followed by a few deep breaths. Connect to your internal world and ask yourself what inside feels heavy? What needs clearing either with yourself or others so that you feel free, expansive and abundant? Then go through the steps above! As many times as needed until you feel safe, and confident with this process

July Theme: Conscious Communication

Communication comes from the word communion which means “to share”. In a world where we are taught to put or selves first and that sharing means vulnerability, we are taught that sharing will equal a “less then” experience. For example as a young child, you may had a sibling. You had a favorite toy that you loved, and this sibling wanted to play with it. You were told when to and how to share, so that sharing then became something that deprived you from something you loved. Sharing became something that was not safe, so that as an adult, sharing would continue to be seen as a place of weakness or vulnerability. Or, say that you shared with a classmate that you really liked a boy in your class. The classmate, either from immaturity, fear, or jealousy, shares this with the class in a negative way. You no longer feel that it is safe to share your feelings or your truth because it will be used against you. 


This month, we are shifting these limiting thoughts and ideals around sharing and communicating, so that we can learn that through honest and open communication, we can create a pathway to stronger and honest relationships with ourselves, others, and the divine.

Communication lives in the 5th chakra, our throat chakra, 

It is our communication center, and our power of purification lives here.

Known as Vishuddha, The unique power of this chakra is that it has the function to vocalize and interpret all the energy from the other chakras. Visshuddha is the bridge between the ckakras of the lower body and the chakra of the third eye and crown. 


The phrase, “Speak it into being” comes to mind, for the throat chakra is the vessel that is able to turn what we feel and desire in our bodies, thus manifesting directly into our consciousness. 

It allows us to bring to life what we feel in our bodies (lower chakras) heart, and mind (higher chakras).


Change begins within each individual and spreads into the world with every example of kindness and expression of truth. It is crucial that those of us who wish to see an improvement in our inner and outer world keep our Throat Chakras healthy and vibrant. It is the key to consciously creating life, and enables you to shine your unique light brightly in every situation. 


This powerful tool is able to burn through stagnant energy and bring to life what it is that is for our highest good and highest truth.


How to lay the foundation for clear communication:


Work with Kyanite:

Kyanite is the stone of communication. It opens up the channels between the self and the divine. It has a very high vibration and can call in strength and courage when it comes to speaking your truth and stepping into your biggest and brightest self.


Utilize peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil has been used for thousands of years and by a vast array of cultures. It’s cooling essence brings transparency and tranquility to the body, allowing you to lean into your true self and trust in communicating calmingly, even in situations of stress.



Join us this month as we dive deep into the layers of conscious communication and its vast benefits. 

Building Expansive Relationships

“It is important to nuture  those who nourish you.”

“It is important to nuture those who nourish you.”

Think of the friendships that nourish you. The friendships that when you leave you feel lighter, more expansive, and inspired. One of the major keys to mental, spiritual and emotional well being is a loving, and mindful community that you feel supported by. So ask yourself, how supported and nourished do you feel by the people you surround yourself with? Those we share our energy with can either drain us or help us to expand, so its important that we become aware of how our relationships support the path we are on both at work and in our personal lives.

 This is one of the major reasons why The Divinely Guided was created. We wanted to create a supportive and loving community that helps one another to expand in all areas of life. We wanted to build spaces that were sacred and safe so that people could connect on an intimate and authentic level. Within this community we have herd some of you share that you wish you had a community like this where you live, and we are here to tell you that building this type of community for yourself is totally possible!


  You can start by asking yourself in what ways do you feel you need support? In what areas of life are you seeking guidance or knowledge?

Would mentorship help me on my path?

 Take out a journal and make a list. This list is not only the start of the manifestation of your community but this is also meant to bring awareness to aspects you would like to bring to your current community.

 “Create the thing you wish existed, anything you can dream of is possible.”

 Ways to honor our current relationships:  

Think of the relationships again that help you to feel expansive and supported. This energy is so powerful and we can build on this energy with our attention and love. We can nourish our relationships by being transparent with those in our community sharing our gratitude, and admiration for how they positively impact our life. When we acknowledge those in our community in a mindful and loving way, we build a more empowered, resilient, transparent, and thriving community.


Meditation Exercise:

Set alarm for 11 Minutes. Bring to mind what it would feel like to be empowered, loved, and totally transparent with the relationships you have both personally and at work. Hold this feeling in your heart space and focus on the sensation and watch it expand.

Now take this feeling with you into every interaction you have. How you show up has the power to completely change someones life. So make sure its in a loving, accepting and supportive way.


Redefining Toxic Relationships


Our relationship with self and others helps to form the structure of our reality. Therefore it is important that the relationships we have support us and make us feel safe.  Within every relationship and interaction, we have the ability to use these as mirrors to further understand ourselves and the world around us. It is within support and safety that we as humans have the ability to thrive.  On the other hand, toxic relationships can leave us feeling stuck, misunderstood, threatened, unworthy, and so many more limiting beliefs. In life it is only natural that we will experience both types of relationships, so learning how to effectively manage toxic relationships is important in remaining true to yourself and staying within your own personal power and energy.  


How are toxic relationships formed?

We learn how to be in relationship to others based off of what was modeled to us as children within our families and community. Many times there are relational patterns we pick up that we are unconscious to. Then within our relationships these unconscious patterns tend be played out resulting in a toxic nature. Hidden beneath these toxic patterns is usually some type of unaddressed wound. When we avoid an area of our life that hurts us we tend to form limiting patterns in an effort to keep us feeling “safe”, and this is how relationships can become toxic.


What are some signs of a toxic relationships?

Lack of communication, abusive communication, feelings of being drained/negative after an interaction, lack of boundaries, not taking the other person into consideration, avoidance, fear of confrontation, feelings of codependency, and inability to be authentic t name a few.


So how do we make the unconscious conscious and shift these toxic patterns?

Many times these patterns are deeply rooted and unconscious. So instead of taking these patterns you experience personally you can shift into the seat of the witness having compassion for the person you are in relation with, and witness they are being filtered through a wound. This compassion instantly lifts any negative or judgmental feelings, and puts you in an empowered place. From this empowered place you have the ability with love and care to reflect back to them what you are witnessing and experiencing. Sometimes this simple reflection will take them out of the seat of the victim and into an empowered conscious place where they can shift there limiting pattern. If this doesn’t work, and you are left feeling, negative, unsafe, or unheard the best thing you can do is not try to change the other person, but think about how you can best take care of your own needs. You can do this by forming healthy boundaries. If you need reference on how to create boundaries we have a helpful blog on boundaries that goes further into detail.


The beauty hidden within toxic relationships is that they serve as a direct roadmap to aspects of self that need healing. We are always able to transmute something “toxic” into something that is healthy and serves the collective wellbeing. Be gentle with yourself and others when moving through relationships we are all on a road of healing.


Cord Cutting Ritual

 We are energetic beings and through relationships form energetic cords. These cords can leave us feeling stuck in the past, and unable to be fully in within our power. This ritual is intended to help cut any lingering energetic cords, taking you from fragmentation to wholeness.

 Light a candle and find a comfortable seated position. Take three rounds of deep cleansing breaths in the nose and slowly out the mouth or until you feel grounded, and if you feel called to invite in Archangel Michael for protection. Then in your minds eye visualize a relationship/relationships, or pattern that is causing you discomfort. Now by focusing on the body take your awareness to where this cord is attached. What does it feel like? Now focus on this sensation and continue to take deep cleansing breaths until it looses its power and begins to shift and peace is felt. Then visualize a pair of scissors cutting through the cord and out loud say “I now cut this energetic tie, thank you for what you have taught me, but this pattern no longer serves me. Goodbye limiting energy, I know reclaim my personal power.”

Emotional Match : Relationship with Future Partners


We’ve all heard the phrase of like attracts like. But even this quote lends to the idea that how we are is a subconscious and involuntary experience. The magic of creating your experience, and in turn, manifesting your most fulfilling and joyful life, is knowing that we are vibrational beings first. Even before the experience of our physical and mental selves, we are vibrational beings, so that the way in which we omit our vibrations is the way in which we create our experience. We are in control of our experience when we step into focusing our control over our vibrational creations. 


Step one is understanding that we are naturally good feeling beings. This is our natural state of flow. Of living in a sense of wellbeing. Of loving and being loved fully. Of creating from your heart space. Once you can feel this and see this, you will not have to try so hard to enter into a vibrational space of feeling good and joyful.


Having control of your emotional vibration is the difference between deliberate creation and unconscious creation, and is the difference between allowance and resistance. To attract joyful outcomes, experiences, and relationships, you must be in a state of joy. Your vibrational energy increases with the level of emotional energy…the more your enter into this state, the more emotional energy you have shooting towards your deepest desires. 



The thoughts that occupy your mind are energy. What you focus on expands. The energy that your brain releases into the world reacts with other energy sources that it encounters. When the mind is focused on abundance, abundance is drawn to you. When the mind is focused on lack, however, more lack is likely to result. So when we say things like, “I hate being single”, or “I wish I had someone to love me”, we are operating from a place of lack. But if we can shift our words and our thoughts to, “ I am excited to build a life with a loving partner” and “Bring me a partner who is loving, creative, spiritual, adventurous, and playful”, we bring clarity of thought coupled with abundance thinking. 


We must be in a state of feeling joy, fulfillment, contentment, peace, love, and abundance to be optimal manifestos. You must feel how it feels to have it. Before this can happen, we must get clear on how you want to feel.


Invite more abundance in by feelingabundant. 


I once was in the midst of healing a broken heart. I was ready to experience the middle ground of a heartbreak in a difference way. I was in the arms of a new man, and it felt amazing. It was raining outside, the windows open blowing in beautiful fresh air, my head and hand on his chest, and I remember saying to myself, “this feels good, Universe, bring me this man, creative, free spirited, kind, spiritual, emotional, expressive, or bring me someone even better. Universe, bring me more of this”. 


Instead of fixating on having this particular person or that I didn’t know where it was going, I shifted my mindset to one of gratitude and abundance, feeling abundant and grateful and joyful in that moment. It allowed space for the universe to bring in a partner that was all of those things and more. I trusted, I let go, and I vibrated with how it feels to be with my dream partner, so that he manifested in full flesh and bone. 



Laws of Attraction:


See, feel, and accept yourself as a joyful being

Clarity: become clear on what it is you desire

Focus on the feeling and how having what you desire makes you feel

Align yourself with the vibration of what you desire

Operate in the space of abundance and gratitude and already having what you desire. 

Breathe and enjoy the process.



Emotional Match Exercise:


First thing in the morning, when your mind, body, and vibration are the most clear, close your eyes and allow a beautiful white light to enter into your body. Feel it permeate every cell. Now allow a flood of joy and abundance to wash over your being. Imagine, with your entire heart, body, and mind, how it feels to be with your dream partner. Allow this clarity and focus to wash fully over you, for 17 seconds. Focus on how being with this person makes you feel, what kind of life you create together. Hold this for 17 seconds every morning, and watch as your vibrational match draws to your vibrational clarity. 


Relationship with Self


Self love is the key that opens the door to every other kind of love.


Our culture has not put an importance on cultivating relationships with ourselves. We are taught from an early age that we must always share, mold our likes and dislikes to the family or school around us, even our sleeping and eating preferences are never allowed to be explored and honored for the sake of adhering to the status quo. It has wounded us, this disallowance of our true selves, and has created an entire generation of wounded adults who are carrying within them a wounded inner child. 


This is your permission to honor your inner wounded child and heal them; seeing her, honoring her, celebrating her, and loving her as the magical, kind, and special human that you are. The first and most vital step is cultivating a relationship with yourself. 


Love is the greatest vibration in the universe. It transmutes all lower vibrations, and collectively, it shifts our very DNA to align and ignite to our highest good. When we feel out of alignment, or like the people and situations around us make us feel lost and ungrounded without ourselves, we are often times not vibration from a place of love for ourselves. By creating this foundation of loving kindness towards ourselves, we are able to be your best self, no matter what is transpiring outside of your inner world. 


Spend time getting to know Y O U 


I came home from collage extremely depressed, lost, and empty. I spent two years in a tornado of drinking, eating junk food, staying up late, engaging with people who were not for my highest good. I came home for winter break my sophomore year, and my mom took one look into my eyes, and simply said, I can’t send you back to that place. She saw the emptiness and fear in my eyes that I was almost too numb to feel myself. I moved home as a shell of a person, and took off a semester from school. In this time, I made a commitment to cultivate a relationship with myself. I would go for an hour walk every morning. Followed by journaling for an hour. I began to do research on holistic foods and vitamins to heal my broken mind and body. I completely shifted the way that I thought, ate, slept, moved, and interacted with myself. Simply, I took the time to get to know myself, and you know what, I fell in love with Karly. And not because of anything I did or wore or felt, but simply myself, wholly and simply. I could go anywhere and connect with anyone, because of this deep connection with myself. I learned how to create loving boundaries, how to challenge myself, how to speak my truth, how to take time to reflect, and how to simply enjoy being me. To this day, this awakening of self love was one of the most incredible, rewarding, and joyful times in my life. 

Get to know yourself:


Once a week, take yourself on a self love date. It doesn’t need to cost you anything, it can be a solo hike, a trip to a museum, time at your favorite café to journal and observe, a yoga class, a good cry in your car. Get to know your most magical, simple, messy, magnificent, passionate, and perfectly imperfect YOU. 


Morning meditation:


When you wake in the morning, take a deep breath and thank the day.


Take a deep breathe in and say

“ I love me”


Take a deep breathe and on the exhale say

“I accept myself exactly as I am”


Take a deep breathe and on the exhale say

“I am worthy of love and being loved”


Take one more deep breathe and on the exhale say

“I approve of myself”


Repeat this three times, and allow the energetic force of this self love to transform your day.



May you invest time and energy into this sacred relationship with self, for it will inspire and ignite all other relationships in your life. The more you honor, understand, and trust yourself, the more kinds of relationships and partnerships your will attract into your life.


Sending love and light to you.




Living Life As "The Witness"


“Being ‘the witness’ is giving yourself enough space, awareness and perspective to live fully”

One of life’s biggest practices is becoming the witness to your experience, intentions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When we create enough space and are able to be in a place of surrender we can begin to experience life through the witness.

 Becoming the witness is a constant practice of letting go of our attachments, trusting our experience and, witnessing our triggers/programs that run us so that we can consciously live our lives, and heal unconscious wounds. When we become attached to thoughts, feelings and emotions we begin to cloud the truth with our perception rather than experiencing the truth of the moment.

 Just like the practice of meditation and returning to stillness, the practice of ‘the witness’ is similar. We are training ourselves to be in the present moment, in the truth and peace rather than the illusion and suffering. It is when we allow ourselves to become attached to thoughts and feelings that we experience pain and suffering.

When we can step out of the stories that our mind creates and become witness to the subconscious programming we begin to heal and evolve so much of our subconscious. Around 90% of our behavior is controlled from our subconscious mind, so If you want to change your behavior the perfect practice is becoming ‘the witness’ so that you can consciously create new habits and reprogram your subconscious to live a happier more fulfilled life.


Daily Practice

 To really develop the witness having a daily meditation practice helps create the space and structure necessary to being ‘the witness’.  We suggest developing a morning practice first thing when you wake up and your brain is in Alpha State also known as “the gateway to the subconscious mind”. Your morning practice can be a dedicated time to helping restructure your subconscious through meditation, affirmations, and visualizations. While in meditation once you find the witness that place of stillness, peace, and bliss focus on that sensation and allow for it to grow this will strengthen your bodies ability to automatically return to this state of being.




The Great Surrender

Screenshot 2019-05-14 10.30.01.png

You are here. Free flowing into the divine state of the Great Surrender…

In our western culture we are not often told to “let go”. And if we are, we are still under the impression that we are in control of both the letting go and what happens after the great surrender. But the magic in letting go is in the pure and simple surrender to a source far larger then our rational minds. It is within the folds of our senses that the universe seeks to be freed to guide us to an even greater state of being then we could ever imagine.

We surrender to our body and our senses, who operate in a state of planetary perfection. They are controlled by our divine gut and heart, leaving our mind to relax and surrender to our inner knowledge and wisdom. Take a moment today to simply close your eyes and feel within your sacred gut. Feel where you are gripping and clutching for answers and orders. Let go of this tightening within your organs and trust that your body is an intuitive vessel that blossoms and operates at its fullest potential when it is letting go and relaxing. Let go. And trust. The great surrender.

The Great Surrender in Action

I had recently lost a few clients and felt anxious about booking new ones. I felt frantic and fearful about money and security, all the while questioning my worth and my abilities. I found myself trying to force and push open doors that weren’t meant for me in my desire to control and fix according to my own limited and fearful thinking. I tried everything that my rational mind could think of, even as my gut and heart were telling me they weren’t the right clients. Finally, I took a deep body inhale, and committed to trusting and letting go. I even said no to a prospective client who I knew in my gut wasn’t for my highest good. These to conscious and intuition-led actions allowed for me to relax and trust that the right clients would find me.

My daily mantra was Trust and Let Go. I breathed it in and recited it with joy and with peace. And in perfect divine timing, the universe brought me three incredible clients that have brought not only financial abundance but growth in my skills, expansion of my mind, and peace in my heart.

Trust and let go. And allow the universe to fill you her infinite possibilities.

This week’s practice:

Where can you practice the Great Surrender? Where can you trust and let go? The universe loves to play along with us, we simply must invite them to the game.

Sending love and light always.

Intuition vs Anxiety

Intuition: a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

plural noun: intuitions

Like our innate sense of worth and love, each of us is born with divine intuition. It is an all knowing, a call back to our cosmic wholeness. 

In our western culture, we are not taught to listen or even acknowledge our intuition. We are taught to reason with our conscious reasoning, while our gut and heart are ignored. We are in a generation suffering from the plight of anxiety, which in itself is a denial of our intuition. 

I was recently talking with a friend who had recently ended things with a boyfriend. She shared that things had not been going well for a while but she thought that it was her anxiety telling her that things were off. She later saw that she had been mistaking her intuition for anxiety, blocking her from speaking her truth and being fully seen and heard.

How to decipher between Anxiety and Intuition:

Anxiety brings about a tightness within the chest and head, a reflection of trying to control and not being at peace with what we cannot and can control. It is an outside influence that we internalize.

Intuition resides within the gut, an eternal place that is a sacred surrender to the light within our existence. It is a calling to our true self and our inner truth. Always pointing us in the direction of our greatest good and our highest power. 

Heighten your intuition:

Go for a walk with without a set destination. Allow yourself to stop at each corner and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and let your intuition and gut tell you which road to take. Let your ego dissipate, and if you make the choice that bags at your gut, trust it, and turn around to go the way that feels best. Watch as your simple walk turns into a magical outing as you trust and become familiar with your divine intuition. 

This week, stay in touch with your intuitive spirit, and allow it to bring you to your highest good.

Love always,

The Divinely Guided 


Creating Space in a Limitless World


The inner journey is the vessel to a space deep within you that brings about so much healing, and peace. But how do we create space with such busy lives and so much outside stimulus? We believe there are layers worth discovering towards reaching your inner sanctuary. But whatever path you choose will bring you closer to your truest self and ultimately so much space. Through purely witnessing and surrendering over and over again to any thoughts, feelings or sensations that may arise you can begin to live in relation with truth and witness areas within you that need to be held with more love and compassion. 

Creating space should be a daily practice. For the importance of maintaining your overall state of wellbeing and to have room for a Future Self that is rooted in your authenticity and the freest version of self. It is in creating space that we have the ability to connect with our deepest truth. So how do we create “inner” space in a limitless world with so much “outside” stimulus ? If we want space, freedom, and expansiveness to be our natural state of being we will have to commit to providing structure that will help to create a new neural pathway in the brain. When we can create this structure and commit to a daily ritual we will begin to break past the limits of space we once knew and begin to experience the world in a whole new experience of self.

Lets start by looking at the structure needed to promote this natural state of being. When we start our day with providing ourselves with space uninterrupted by thought or action and not swayed by emotion or time we set the tone for the rest of the day. When we first wakeup our brain is in Alpha state also known as the “gateway to the subconscious”. Our subconscious mind controls nearly 90% of our daily actions, so by starting the day in stillness being witness to the thoughts, feelings, and sensations and then returning to stillness this will train your subconscious mind to quickly return to stillness your authentic state more quickly and automatically throughout the day. It is in this stillness that we are most open to guidance, inspiration and the flow state that provide us with so much fulfillment.

Everyone has different layers to process, but here are some of our suggestions in “creating space”. In a action based world, it is the upmost test to sit in complete stillness with maybe a interval bell to truly witness the mind and body and begin to connect with your inner world. With witnessing comes the shadow work, which is really just sitting with the hard truth of the matter and surrendering to its lesson. But based on your practice and just you as a individual, you may need ways to calm the body and mind in able to create a safe space which will allow you to sit in stillness and reach an expansive space . So here are some different options in helping to prepare space.





-focusing on sensation and the letting go of body tension

“remember your daily ritual for creating space and the rest will peacefully follow.”

Reinforcing Rituals


When we are consciously creating our life and implementing practices to be our healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled self reinforcing rituals helps us to maintain and strengthen these practices. When we create boundaries in our life to guide us to our highest values and  believe in the unseen, we are able to manifest beyond the known and make room for a life beyond our wildest dreams. 

Instead of being in a constant state of trying to achieve which can become draining and overwhelming, you can switch that perspective into a state of daily rituals that reinforce the shifts you are making towards your highest self. Reinforcing rituals will help you to show up every day for yourself in a loving and conscious way. When we hold ourselves in a loving place and create sacred actions through rituals we begin to heal and mend together everything we are learning. We begin to see these inner shifts and make steady progress that feels manageable and consistent. Many times what gets us stuck is a lack of consistency, but if we can create rituals to implement daily that fill our souls up we begin to yearn for this consistency. That consistency begins to touch every area of our life helping us to show up fully every day. 

How do we create reinforcing rituals? 

  1. Make a list of your values, and areas in your life that bring your heart joy

  2. Ask yourself what brings you peace? Maybe that is going on a walk, writing in your journal, meditating or connecting with nature

  3. Take time every morning to remind yourself of what you are grateful for 

  4. Devote time each day (preferably right when you wake up or right before you go to bed when your brain is in theta state also known as the reprogramming state) to implement a daily action that brings you peace 

  5. Take time each day to reflect on how far you have come and with intention observe the subtle shifts that are occurring 

Setting Sacred Boundaries


Boundaries are a sacred roadmap…

Within our personal lives setting boundaries is extremely crucial for our emotional, mental, physical & spiritual wellness. But because of our conditioning many times setting boundaries can be confusing and even ignite fear, and self judgement. Maybe you have been told that it’s selfish to put yourself first, or made to feel bad when you need to “cut someone out of your life” for the highest good of you both. There are so many different stories and fears around boundaries, and when we believe in these stories not only are we bound by that fear but we put our wellness at risk and do a disservice to those around us. Setting boundaries is not only something we do within our relationships, but setting boundaries can also be a personal practice, of understanding what it is that you value and creating structure through loving boundaries to get those values met. 

We are energetic beings and all have different needs, values, beliefs and limits. So it is vital that we practice Loving Boundaries with everyone we meet & with ourselves. That means having the courage to speak freely about what it is that you feel, need, and value to feel understood, safe, secure, happy and respected. This opens the channel for direct communication and witnessing & experiencing yourself and others in a authentic state. And by practicing Loving Boundaries with yourself you are able to meet your needs and values and will experience more peace living in this aligned state. When we honor our needs and values we give others the opportunity to honor themselves and also have there needs met. Setting Loving Boundaries is getting real with yourself and others so that you can live a life that feels supported, understood and ultimately puts you in a place of peace where you feel confident & empowered. When we set boundaries we are making it clear to universe as what it is that we want our life to look and feel like, this helps us to manifest our deep desires and beyond the known. 

How to set Loving Boundaries? 

  1. First get clear on your stories and fears around boundaries. Take some time with a pen and paper to express these feelings freely and then go over them. This will help you to see where you can let love and trust in. 

  2. Make a list of your top values / needs to feel happy, healthy & empowered. 

  3. Next ask yourself what aspect of your values / needs are not being met, where, why and how? 

  4. Once you have a clear understanding of what it is that you value / need and where this isn’t being met in your day to day life. Then it’s all about being honest with yourself and others so that you can honor your truth and allow others to honor there’s as well. 

  5. Make a list of actionable steps where your needs aren’t being met to ensure you will honor and respect your values. 

  6. Always remember that we all have different values / needs / beliefs so when creating boundaries they are not to be taken personally and can ALWAYS be done from a loving place 

REPEAT 11 x , or whenever your feeling fearful of setting certain boundaries 

I love and respect my boundaries

Manifesting Beyond the Known




complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

We are taught to believe what we see. To trust what we can touch. But it is the magic of what we do not see that our truest potential lies.

Manifesting is a word that is used often and sometimes lightly in the wellness space. How to manifest your dream job, how to manifest your dream partner, how to manifest you dream life. Yet these are still all things that are known….you see other people experiencing similar situations and feelings and scenarios. It is when you have faith in what is unknown, what is new and completely unique to your being that the life changing magic happens.

How to Manifest the Unknown

1.) Manifest with feeling:

Our feelings are the energetic blueprints. What we feel sends out an energetic current that attracts like or similar energies. When we feel love, inspired, purposeful, authentic, and brave, we attract people, experiences, and opportunities of the same vibration.

2.) Trust and let go

When we try and control the outcome of our life, we are only able to control what it is that we already know to be true. When we trust and let go and surrender both our struggles and our strengths, we allow the universe to bring to us what is ours by divine right and destined just for us.

3.) Honor the unfolding of your life

Our life is a journey. A path. A road. If we travel the same road that we have seen our parents, friends, co-workers traveling, we will find a similar destination. But if we trust and honor our own path and journey, we allow the magic of the universe to lead us in mystical and infinitely good ways.

4.) Guided meditation

“Find the shores of the unknown, for that is where the magic happens”

Imagine yourself as apart of a huge river. You are flowing towards a massive waterfall. You fear what is unknown on the other side of the waterfall, so you stay in the weeds and the mud the bank. But you do not grow or change or learn among the muddy banks of the known. It is not until you allow yourself to take the plunge into the magical unknown of the waterfall that you are submerged in worlds beyond your imagination. Out into a magical cotton candy sea where sky and ocean meet, the sea of the unknown, taking you to shores of abundance, grace, love, and purpose you never would have known had you stayed in the safety of your muddy bank.