We are Divinely Guided…

When Codi Baker and Karly Ryan first met, they felt a magnetic pull that ignited their spirits. Both are reiki healers, magic makers, creatives, and intuitive beings that were searching for a way to share their spirit and wisdom with the world.

As yin and yang, Codi and Karly are opposites flowing in the same direction. Codi delves deep into the shadow realm as she heals deep traumas and deep divine truths in the lives of those around her. Karly radiates light and courage, always bringing those around her to the light and infinite possibilities of speaking your truth. Together, they have created The Divinely Guided. A holistic community, podcast and lifestyle to support the purpose, spirit, and journey of their growing soul community.

They were guided together in order to guide everyone to know that all that they need, is already inside of them.

love and light always,

the Divinely Guided 

Codi & Karly